What is a site template design?

Template design layout is a previously created version of the website design. Such templates are common on the Internet and are sold on specialized resources.


Pros of using when developing a website:

  • significant reduction in the cost of website development;
  • faster project development;
  • a wide choice between design options (the client is provided with more than 10 thousand design layouts to choose from);
  • templates are purchased by us only from professional designers;
  • you don't need to pay for the design layout, we will buy it ourselves.
  • suitable for quick test of business or temporary solutions

Cons of using a template:

  • the used design layout can be used in the development of other projects (anyone can buy the same layout).
  • loss of individuality
  • competitors without a template can have a much cooler design
  • the template has support from the developer, but no one knows how long it will last. Not stability.


We do not recommend using template solutions. Moreover, sometimes we are inferior in price and make a non-template solution at the price of a template. Please contact. We will discuss!

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