html/css/js coder

In connection with the growth of front-end development tasks, we are looking for an experienced HTML-coder who is ready to grow with us to a Frontend- developer.

We need a grated roll that has gone through all the hells of cross-browser layout and polyfills, but nevertheless survived and continues to love and develop in his business.

Our main priority is to do it with the highest quality within the specified period. We treat all our products responsibly, and strive to raise the bar of quality every time.

Tasks to be solved:

  • Layout of sites and landings;
  • Adding new features to existing sites;
  • Active participation in the discussion of new projects, brainstorming, consultations on the implementation of one or another part of the projects;
  • Understand and switch to Vue.js;

What skills we would like to see:

  • Ability to adaptively and efficiently make up simple and complex layouts in adequate terms (for example, a week to make up a small layout is quite a long time. A medium-complexity landing page for 4 screens needs to be made up in a couple of days.);
  • The feeling of beauty, so that where there is no design, layout is beautiful;
  • Cross-browser IE 11+, Safari 10+, Firefox and Chrome - last few versions;
  • Ability to read documentation, including in English;
  • We use a standard stack of technologies: html, css, sass, js + plugins (owl carousel, bxslider, etc.), frameworks (Bootstrap, Vue.js) and libraries (jQuery);
  • Experience with project builders, including the ability to create your own build options: webpack or gulp (the latter is a priority);
  • Experience in implementing your layout into any CMS or framework at the level of "inserted the html block in the right place and gave the backend to the developer"
  • Independence in finding solutions, the ability to google, and also suggest your options for implementing features are very welcome;
  • Semantics and cleanliness of the code, the ability to quickly understand someone else's;
  • High level of responsibility for your pool of tasks;
  • Ability and desire to learn new technologies not only in words, but also in deeds;

Working conditions:

  • 5 days a week from 9 to 18 to be in touch (it is not necessary to sit at the computer, but it should be possible to receive a call)
  • Deadlines are everything. You can work even at night and however convenient. The main thing is to comply with the deadline.
  • Convenient workplace (for those who get to the office);
  • Continuous development;
  • Friendly and young team;
  • Interesting and new projects;


  • Paid vacation (2 weeks a year);
  • Paid sick leave;
  • Corporate events;

The salary:

  • paid once a month;
  • constantly growing in proportion to your growth as a professional;
  • calculated on the basis of approved projects and delivered projects;


Send the resume by mail[email protected]